Small Business Expenses That Can Be Deducted from Taxable Income

Applying for small business expenses is vital to ensure you claim your taxable profit. As a principle, every business strives to ensure it remains as low as possible. Are there expenses small businesses can claim to reduce their operation cost? Most questions that arise on business expenses are relatable across the globe. Anyone running a business is obligated to pay a given amount of tax on their profits. The amount is calculated by taking out your business expense column from your income.
If you keep a good count of all expenses, you can accumulate a hefty amount in both VAT and income taxes. Your only option should be to collect VAT invoices aimed at company purchases. In this case, you will only claim allowable expenses which arise from business purposes. Claiming expenses which do not relate to your business can be equated to tax fraud.


As a business owner, you can list your mileage on your vehicle as an expense. The flat rate allowance will apply to employee travel expenses.

Office Equipment

Among the significant office equipment are consumables such as ink cartridges which are accrued by self-employed businesses. Other items that can make the list are desktop computers, laptops, and related accessories.

Rent and Bills

When working at home, you can claim certain bills such as rent. The amount in question will depend on the space allocated to the business. You must then calculate the number of bills used when doing business while only claiming a specific share. The only way to ease the process is by using a simple calculator. By working on an allowable share of expenses, you can check out certain

Wages for Employees

The amount paid to employees, particularly national insurance, is counted as deductible business expenses. Among other employee-related spendings include home-based flat rates, employee eye tests on computer equipment, and annual private health care checks. Research clearly shows that all false expense claims arising from employees occur among certain businesses. In that case, employers are limited to allowable expenses. Training fees, magazines, industry books, and others Any purchases related to education help in your courses, magazines, and books. All this counts as allowable expenses on the condition you can prove it relates to what you do.


There are different types of insurance policies which relate to your business you can file against the tax. Most of these businesses file for General liability policies which give you the protection against property damage and injuries. This is what small business owners need to ponder about.

Marketing and Adverts

By claiming expenses relating to website building and maintenance, ad printing, email marketing, and others, you will be saving some money. Membership fees charged by professional bodies can be allowed as long as they relate to your business.

Dual Purpose Expenses

Expenses on services used for personal and business users cannot be calculated on business expenses. Similarly, you cannot deduct entertainment claims on your current clients.


If you are self-employed, you must maintain records on all your receipts. Other tax documents will draw on for some years right after the deadline.

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