Subsidy Component and Credit

Average Biodigester Investment:

4 m3 - 750,000 - 900,000* T.Shs.
6 m3 - 950,000 - 1,100,000 T.Shs.
9 m3 - 1,250,000 - 1,400,000 T.Shs.
13 m3 - 1,650,000 - 1,900,000 T.Shs.

*Range of prices above is a guide only and the variance reflects the price of building materials across the country and transport costs. Actual costs may differ with above prices.

A subsidy of 300,000 T.Shs per plant (regardless of size) will be provided to the mason to reduce the above prices. This subsidy will cover:

Full Mason/company construction fee (i.e. all labour costs) & annual maintenance fee.

Free appliances on smaller biogas plants:
Gas dome pipe, single biogas stove, biogas lamp, pressure meter, fitting material & sundry, repair & maintenance set.

TDBP is currently developing a biogas loan product to introduce to banks and MFIs to support households on the biogas investment. Several pilot credit schemes are underway in 2010 and with positive results are likely to be scaled up.