Quality Management

Critical for the success of the programme will be the satisfaction of users with the provided biogas services. To ensure construction and after-sales services meet the standards of the programme, an elaborate quality control system will be deployed. The programme will keep leverage on the provided service quality through on-site coaching, (re-)training and the subsidy channelling procedure.

Quality Control (QC) is done at different stages; during construction, after completion of a new plant and after after-sales services have been provided by the Biogas Masons or BCE’s. In this respect, the programme aims to:
- Minimize necessary corrections, having plants constructed right the first time, and;
- Put responsibility and accountability for (in-) adequate service delivery at the root of the cause.

Progressively, Implementing Partners will take over QC from the TBP-Office. To this extent, the programme will invest in training of Biogas Supervisors employed by the Implementing Partners. For those regions where Implementing Partners have not (yet) been identified, the TBP-Office will directly employ Biogas Supervisors.

QM staff will assist Implementing Partners in resolving various problems occurring during construction and operation of the biogas plants. QM activities are emphasized so Masons are responsible and accountable for their mistakes, whereby an attitude shift is encouraged and mutual responsibility / social control mechanisms will develop within the BCEs and between fellow Masons.

Focus will be on strengthening the QC capacities of Implementing Partners to perform the QC visits and resolving various issues on plant operation and repair. Most capacity building will be done on-site, during the QC-visits. In addition a second seminar for Implementing Partners is planned to share and receive information on quality control, proper operation and management, monitoring and repair.