Private Sector Development (PSD)

A Biogas Sector Survey in the second year will establish the BCE baseline. Based on the findings of the survey, the programme will organize annual biogas business seminars and measure the support need of participating BCEs. Subsequently, BCEs will be offered individual support arrangements.

For the private sector support activities, the programme will cooperate closely with SIDO as the latter organization has a good reputation on rural business development and support.

During 2009 a pilot Biogas Mason Business Development Support (BDS) needs assessment was carried out in Tanga. Following the outcomes of more BDS pilots, 2010 will focus on mobilization and sensitization of individual Biogas Masons to engage in a BDS programme. A Local Capacity Builder (LCB) will be identified to do the business skills training.

By working with local partner organizations, masons will benefit from closer relationships for support. Shortly after concluding the BMT, the new Biogas Masons will enter into a contract with the programme through the Implementing Partner. The masons will be supported to formalize their BCE in line with the Tanzania SME Development Policy.